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PMI Midlands Event. 25th April 2019

PMI Midlands Event. 25th April 2019

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PMI Midlands Event

Coaching Practice: Developing Soft Skills in Project Managers

25th April 2019 at 5.45 pm

University College Birmingham, McIntyre House, 2 Holland St, Birmingham B3 1PW


Main Speakers: Shirley Thompson, Jessica Lewis and Nigel Smith


How do you develop and guide project managers towards a balance of process and people skills? Given the trending shift which demands flexibility around project methodologies, how do you stay focused on continuing to develop soft skills to ensure your own success? Do you pursue different trainings, but still find a lack of confidence in facing challenging situations?

One option is to act as a mentor with a coaching style, as used in the PMI UK mentoring scheme. This will naturally induce a change in soft skills. In November 2017 Shirley organised introductory coach training and practice to encourage senior project managers to become mentors, based on the findings from her research.  Jess and Nigel participated and are pursuing further development of coach skills and want to share their experiences. E.g. Jess, having previously been a mentee in the PMI UK mentoring programme has recently taken on a role as mentor, as well as personally making a bold career move.

Shirley will be sharing key findings from her research that basic coaching practice has the balanced consideration of philosophy (e.g. intention), adult-to-adult relationships (e.g. agreeing to collaborate) and soft skills to give insight to more options in dealing with everyday challenges. However, this is a practical session too. Jess and Nigel will lead some reflection exercises using different scenarios to encourage exploration of the practical value to project managers.


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