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Why PMI UK Agile Forum?
We have seen a very significant increase in the utilisation of agile delivery approaches over recent years, driven by market demand and benefits offered by agile approaches. Many members looking to the PMI as their professional body to provide a central community as they desire to share experiences, seek knowledge and contribute to best practice.
Project and programme management professionals face lots of challenges:
  • More adoption of agile approaches across enterprise environments, increase of methodologies to assist.
  • How to take team centered approach across an enterprise.
  • Corporate visibility requires some consistency of approach.
  • Where does the PMO fit in the agile world? And many others.
Our Goal is
To discuss, refine, agree and actively promote a recognised project management Standard that utilises the control, transparency and general governance of traditional methodologies (e.g. PMBoK) and brings additional benefits of Agile principles extended from software delivery into general project and programme management. Such benefits include 
  • Building highly motivated self organised project teams; 
  • Close collaboration with Customers and End-Users, measurable demonstration of project progress; 
  • Responsiveness to change, flexible delivery of the most valuable outcome within constrained environments.
The group will capture and share proven agile best practices and lessons learned in agile projects, facilitate wider application of Agile principles in the project management community and provide guidance on how the Standard can be implemented from scratch or how to extend the existing processes that are already in place.
Frequently, it's reported that organisations are either too restricted by waterfall-like life-cycles or not aligned enough with longer-term strategic goals when using pure Agile principles to deliver their portfolio, programmes and projects therein. This group also seeks to change that.
What’s in it for me specifically?

I’m new here

Learn about Agile, how to apply and combine with more traditional frameworks on practical examples. We run regular evening events.
Network with like minded people after the events, join our Linkedin group
Get expert advice, master your skills. Join or host
Earn PDUs, learn new skills
Find a mentor. Join our mentoring programme.


I’m an expert

Share your own lessons learned and experience with the group, promote your ideas and expertise.
Contribute to development of the Standard.
Present at PMI UK Agile events
Become a mentor. Join our mentoring programme.


Get in touch!

To be part of the Agile Forum, please contact,
Robert Moores PMP ACP
PMI UK Agile Forum


Robert Moore

Robert Moores PMP, ACP
Forum Chair

Rob led the setting up of the PMI UK Agile Forum in 2013 after the introduction of the PMI ACP accreditation and growing demand for more Agile-specific PMI events.




Myriam Hamed Torres






Myriam Hamed Torres
Vice Chair

Myriam has built and maintains our strong partnerships with the BCS and DSDM consortium. Please reach out to Myriam if you have any ideas to expand our partnerships. Founder member in 2013.


Nigel Smith






Nigel Smith
Midlands & North Event organiser

Nigel joined the Agile Forum in late 2016 and is primarily focussed on expanding the Agile Forum events beyond London.
Please reach out to Nigel if you have any ideas or proposals for events outside of the capital.Liam Coughlan








Liam Coughlan

Liam also joined the Agile Forum in late 2016. Liam’s focus is ensuring our social media channels, primarily LinkedIn, are active and sharing relevant content to our growing following. Please contact Liam if you would like to share something to our member base
Ketan Shah, MBA, PMP
Ketan joined in 2016 and is currently responsible for running our virtual events.
Please reach out to Ketan if you would like to propose an idea form, or host, a virtual event.Ketan Shah